ZZ Ward and Fantastic Negrito at Eastwest! Cannonball Acoustic

Eastwest Room 2: ZZ Ward and her band welcome Fantastic Negrito for an acoustic live music video version of “Cannonball”. Fun day tracking, and awesome to get to mix this one too.

Neve console and UREI outboard for front end.

Microphone-wise: Audix for ZZ, Neumann, AKG, and Shure.

Mix: Avid Pro Tools along with FabFilter, McDSP, ValhallaDSP, Waves, and Izotope Plug-ins,






Shawn Hook at Henson Studios

Awesome day a few weeks back in the legendary Studio A at Henson, tracking a few songs with Hollywood Records artist Shawn Hook. VERY talented dude, so fun to track and mix. On the tracking side: vintage Neve front end, Neumann and RCA mics from Henson’s world class mic locker. On the mix: McDSP, Fabfilter, and Waves plugs.